Which Taco Bell Item Describes You in Bed?

Ian Fortey

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Food and sexy fun times have a long, sordid, delightful history together. Arguably no two desires are more closely linked in our minds and culture than the desire for food and the desire for sex. We use a lot of the same terms to describe them, even. And why not? Both satisfy some of our most basic, primal urges. Both have all kinds of variety, and both can be very plain and simple or indulgent and extravagant. And of course, some people even put both of them together.

So is it weird to suggest maybe that food like Taco Bell has some kind of relationship with your sex life and how you are when your passions get the best of you? We don't think so! In fact, we think it makes so much sense that there's a good chance there's an item on the Taco Bell menu that pretty much sums up your passionate, bedroom self pretty succinctly.

If you can't have fun and laugh a bit in the bedroom, you're probably doing something wrong. Likewise, if you can't unwind and enjoy a taco now and then you're missing out on one of life's simple pleasures. With that in mind, let us know a bit about your love life, and we'll tell you just what Taco Bell menu item you are, deep down inside.

So when you and your special someone decide it's time to get the party started, who takes the lead?

Now maybe you've never used a taco for any sensual fun, but have any other foods showed up in bed?

You can have fun in bed even when no bed is handy! Where else do you like to get sexy?

When you and your partner are getting into it, do you like to have a soundtrack?

You know, once upon a time, humans didn't even have houses, so probably everyone was doing it outdoors. Have you ever tried?

Do you have a favorite prop you like to bring into the bedroom?

There's something to be said for foreplay. Do you enjoy all that build-up?

Two's company and three's a crowd according to an old saying. Do you agree with that?

What would you do if someone were to walk in on your in the middle of some sexy fun times?

What would you do if you found out your partner had been cheating on you?

Do you have an opinion on using restraints in bed?

Are you the kind of person who might text a partner some dirty pics now and then?

When you and your partner are having a night together, would you ever mix it up with some booze or legal smoking herbs to enhance the mood?

Have you ever been apart from your partner and decided to have a little naughty fun over the phone?

You know there are some dirty videos on the internet, right? Ever watch them with your partner?

Have you had a serious emotional connection with everyone you've slept with?

Do you have any clothes in your closet specifically to be worn when you're getting intimate with someone?

Say you're in the middle of having a very, very good time with a partner. Are you going to be pretty vocal about it?

How important is monogamy to you in a serious relationship?

Under ideal circumstances, how many times a day would you be having some sexy fun?

Everyone has some kind of fantasy life. Who shows up most in your fantasies?

Have you ever accidentally injured yourself while you were in the middle of getting busy?

If you and your partner are together at a party, would you ever consider sending them secret, dirty texts?

Would you ever sleep with your best friend's ex?

What's the best site or app for picking someone up online?

Pucker up. How do you lay a kiss on someone?

How many one night stands would you say you've had in your life?

Are you ashamed of any of the sexual encounters you've ever had?

Sex in exotic locations can be very fun. What's the craziest place you've ever gotten frisky?

What are your thoughts on something like a swingers club where all kinds of people are hooking up?

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