Which Superhero Should Be Your Personal Trainer?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

Getting in shape isn't the easiest thing in the world. Some of us are just built like The Incredible Hulk naturally, but that isn't the case for most of us. It takes a lot of work to get in shape, and a lot of us have a hard time sticking with the plans that we make. If you are anything like most people, you have made tons of promises to yourself about how you were going to wake up in the morning and hit the gym and eat healthily, but all you end up doing is waking up and hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock and having a donut.

This is why you are going to need to hire a personal trainer, and if you really want to be serious about getting in shape, you probably want to hire a superhero. We know they seem like they are too busy to help you with your personal fitness goals, but if you catch them at the right time, in between fighting bad guys, you could probably work something out. But which superhero would be the best personal trainer for you? You might as well take this quiz and find out.

How much of a wimp are you?

Do you have something specific you want to get in shape for?

How gentle must your personal trainer be?

Is the reputation of your trainer important to you?

Do you mind if your trainer has to frequently be away?

What part of your body do you want to focus on?

What is your medical fitness need?

Do you mind if your trainer blathers about their mission all day?

What gym do you go to?

How will you dress for the gym?

Other than the gym, what do you do to be fit?

What sport would you take up if you were fit?

Which athlete do you admire for their physique?

If you were in a sport, what's the worst cheating you might do?

How are you at biking?

Do you currently play a sport?

What is your preferred sport to watch?

If you could be good at any sport, what would it be?

Do you want to train in a group, or one on one?

Which kind of exercise do you want your trainer to focus on?

What should your trainer yell at you?

Does your significant other have a fitness regimen?

Which superhero would you like to meet, but not be trained by?

Do you want a trainer you could hang out with?

If you got super strong and could do anything you wanted with your strength, what would you do?

If your trainer could teach you a skill other than pure fitness, what would you want that to be?

How do you want people to react when your trainer swaggers into the gym?

Does your trainer have to be good looking?

Does your trainer have to be intelligent?

How often do you plan on seeing your trainer?

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