Which superhero are you?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Something like a superhero has been around in our culture for thousands of years, going back to spirits, miracle-workers, or deities who people believed took human form and performed great feats of arms. The pioneer of the proto-superhero was Emma Orczy, whose book "The Scarlet Pimpernel" - the tale of an English aristocrat who disguises himself to save people from the Terror during the French Revolution - provides a model for later wealth-and-gadget-based superhero figures like Ironman or Batman.

Then in the early to mid-1900's came Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and the other great writers of the comic book Golden Age, and the modern superhero was born. First came the Christ-like figure of Superman, who remains the most famous name in superheroism, and after him an endless parade of superheroes. 

Some are thoroughly original; some hark to the concerns of the nuclear, genetic, or digital ages; some repackage older myths and legends for the modern age, and more than a few are honestly really derivative and not very clever at all.

Clearly, you would never be like this latter group. So let's find out a little about you and see which of our spandex-clad delivers best embodies your personality!

What superpower have you always wanted?

Which do you think is the least effective superpower?

Are you afraid of heights?

What would your superhero outfit colors be?

Would you want to wear a cape?

What are the benefits of a cape?

What problems come with wearing a cape?

Which weapon would you like to wield?

Are you virtuous?

Are you duty bound?

How would people describe your personality?

Do you enjoy helping others?

After you help someone, do you need to tell anyone about it?

As a superhero, would you hide in public?

Where would your base of operations be?

If you are badly defeated by your nemesis, how do you respond?

What would you stand up for the most?

Should a superhero act in revenge?

How emotional are you?

How comfortable are you in water?

What is your favorite gadget?

Do you ever want to just disappear?

If you are in a hurry, which person-in-need would you ignore to get where you're going?

Who makes the best superhero?

Why do you choose to be a superhero as opposed to a villain?

Which are your favorite superhero movies?

How have superheroes affected modern culture?

Which sport do you think you would be best at?

Do you live a healthy lifestyle?

Who is the most misunderstood superhero?

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