Which Summer Pattern Should You Wear?

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Now that the hot weather's finally here, it's time to reassess your summer wardrobe! This is a special time of the year when we can get away with white jeans, sleeveless shirts, body-skimming sundresses and other apparel that definitely wouldn't fly in dreary January or chilly November. Not only that, but there are patterns and prints we can wear in the summer that would look ridiculous under colder circumstances, such as cheerful gingham or wild tie-dye. If you're wondering which fantastic summer print you should be rocking, this is the quiz for you!

We want to know all about your style, from the type of bag you carry to which of your accessories cost the most. We also need to know your favorite summer jam, whether you go to a lot of cook-outs and what your relationship status is. Through questions about your aesthetic, wardrobe, personality and preferred way to spend the summer, we'll be able to calculate exactly which pattern would help you to live your best possible June, July and August.

Ready to go on a fantastic journey of summer fashion discovery? Before you buy another bathing suit or beach towel, you've got to take this quiz!

Imagine you're at the farmer's market and it's full of gorgeous flowers, all on sale. Which summer bouquet will you buy?

What's your body type?

Once it's hot outside, which feature do you like to flaunt?

What style is your bag?

You're going to a barbecue on the beach. Which of these outfits will you wear?

Which of these fabrics makes you feel cool, comfortable and collected?

You're often accused of dressing like a person from the _____?

Let's say you want to have a summer fling. How will you attract someone new into your life?

What's your occupation?

Who is your style muse?

How would your best friend describe you?

What's your go-to summer shoe?

When you need new fashion ideas, which website do you go to?

Ruffles: love them or hate them?

What does your bathing suit look like?

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

Which of your accessories did you spend the most money on?

How would you dress for a Hawaiian vacation?

Who's your favorite female movie star?

To feel like you're getting the most out of your summer, which activity have you GOT to do?

How romantic are you?

Take a moment to check out your closet. Which color dominates it?

Let's say you and your friends are renting a vacation house. What kind of dwellings are you drawn to?

If you had to describe your personal style with just one word, what would it be?

What's the first thing you do when you get home from work?

After the temperature rises above 80 degrees, will you be lounging by the pool, hiding out in a movie theater or taking part in tons of summer water sports?

What's your favorite summer food?

How do you style your hair?

Imagine you're going on the perfect California road trip. What kind of car do you see yourself driving?

Last but not least, what's your summer jam?

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