Which "Star Wars" Robot are You?

Jody Mabry

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The first "Star Wars" movie, "Episode IV: A New Hope" followed two droids, R2D2 and C-3PO as they provided support to the rebel alliance. Since then robots have been as much a part of "Star Wars" as any character. Which "Star Wars" robot are you? Take this quiz to find out.

What is your area of expertise?

What is your favorite device?

Who would your "Star Wars" master be?

What is your primary function?

What physical skill do you have?

Who is your favorite "Star Wars" character?

What are your favorite type of movies?

What is your favorite "Star Wars" spaceship?

Why would you want a robot around?

How does work make you feel?

What is a technology you can't wait for?

Which "Star Wars" movie is the best?

Which is the worst "Star Wars" movie?

Which is your favorite "Star Wars" creature?

Aside "Star Wars," which film series is your favorite?

Who is your favorite bounty hunter?

Who is your favorite minor character?

What's one thing robots can't do that you wish they can?

How tall are you?

How well do you work with others?

Do you talk too much?

How well do you handle conflict?

How would others describe your personality?

How do you behave at a party?

In what industry do you work?

What do you want your occupation to be?

Did you enjoy your childhood?

What's your favorite shape?

How would you describe yourself?

Why did you take this quiz?

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