Which Spanish Soccer Team Could You Play For?

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Since the 1920 Olympic games, Spanish football (futbol) teams have been leaving their mark on the world of soccer! With fans as die-hard as any found elsewhere on the planet, Spanish teams like Valencia and Sevilla have been making hearts race for nearly a century! If you've always wondered which Spanish soccer team would be the best for you to show off your skills, this quiz will point you in the right direction! 

Before you take off to score a goal, remember that there's a lot more that goes into a game of soccer than merely kicking around a ball! In addition to years and years of training, athletes must master their minds and their personalities to become the best kind of team player! 

Throughout our Spanish soccer quiz, we're going to examine both your athletic ability and the way you mentally approach life as well as the pitch! Before you know it, we will have gathered enough information to correctly pair you with the Spanish soccer team of your dreams! 

Pour yourself a pint before you get started! After we know how you would approach the game, we'll tell you the team you should consider joining. Which one will it be? 

How physically fit are you?

Have you ever been part of a soccer team?

Which position would you like most?

Which American sport do you like most?

Which Spanish city do you think is most beautiful?

Which famous soccer player do you like most?

Which British soccer team do you like most?

Are you a good team player?

Which Spanish soccer team do you know the most about?

Which sport do you like the least?

What kind of sports fan are you?

Which celebrity do you think you are most like?

How far could you run without passing out?

When is the last time you watched a soccer match?

Do you prefer playing on astroturf or grass?

Which American Football team do you know the most about?

Have you ever played hockey?

How athletic would you say you are?

Do you yell at the television when you watch soccer?

How many times a week do you work out?

Are you more passive or aggressive on the field?

How healthy is your diet?

Which color combination would you prefer?

Which outdoor activity would you enjoy most?

Do you have more willpower or more motivation?

Which animal would you prefer to have as a mascot?

Are you competitive?

Do you practice good sportsmanship?

Which country do you think has the best soccer teams?

Do you go big or go home?

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