Which Spaceballs movie quote describes your personality?

Jody Mabry

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"Spaceballs" the comical parody of space and science fiction franchises -- namely "Star Wars" -- is highlighted with dozens of popular quotes which followed the movie for years. Which "Spaceballs" quote best describes your personality.

Which dolls did you prefer as a kid?

As a teenager, when you got home from school, what did you do first?

Did your parents ever catch you doing something embarrassing?

Which Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchise do you prefer?

Who is your favorite Spaceball?

Who is your favorite Spaceball hero?

Which "Spaceballs" 2 subtitle do you prefer?

Which yogurt do you prefer?

Which jam do you prefer?

Your work is filled with idiots. What do you do?

What is your favorite type of humor?

Who do you blame when something you did went wrong?

Which would be most humiliating?

If your spaceship went too fast, what design would it turn to?

What is the most important thing to save if your ship is about to self-destruct?

Which is your favorite space movie?

How fast are you comfortable going?

Who is your favorite Spaceballs minor character?

Which do you prefer?

Who is your favorite parodied character?

Which is the best "Spaceballs" merchandising?

How would you steal a planet's oxygen?

Why do you lock your door?

Which is your favorite "Spaceballs" scene?

How do you get from one part of your spaceship to the other?

Which movie would you like to parody?

Which Mel Brooks movie do you prefer?

Which kind of planet would you prefer to live on?

How do you punish subordinates?

Which procedure would you rather have?

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