Which Soap Opera Best Describes Your Dramatic Lifestyle?

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Let's take a trip back in time. Imagine you're a housewife or stay at home dad. You're living in a pretty decent neighborhood, have a few kids who you adore, and money isn't a problem (aside from a big emergency). Overall, life is pretty good. Although right now, you'd love to ship those kids off to their grandparents hire a full-time housekeeper and just take some time in a bathtub, soaking away life's problems.

Why? Well, one of the kids caught something nasty (we'll spare you the details), and like every cold that comes to your home, it spread. So now you're stranded at home with a couple of sick kids and very little time to just decompress. On top of which your significant other just called and told you that they'd be late for dinner, which on the one hand is OK (dinner was going to be something easy), but on the other hand, you're stuck even longer with the germ-ridden kids. Luckily, you do have one escape – your daily soaps, where you can imagine your life being a smidge less chaotic. 

But which soap is your style? Is it one with high school kids where the drama a little less or are we talking the heavy hitting family soap where families are at each others' throats? Let's find out by taking this quiz to see what soap is closest to your lifestyle.

You've just caught your child in bed with their teacher! What do you do?

How many spouses have you had?

Almost every soap has a mentor that the main characters go to for advice. What would describe yours?

Where does most of your drama take place?

You've just gotten caught in an accident that caused you to have amnesia. How do you get your memory back?

One of your relatives has done something to really tick you off. What do you do?

You've gotten grounded before the big dance and your date is missing out. How do you handle this?

Whether in a dream sequence or to hide the signs of aging, gauzy filters are used all the time. How would you feel about using one for your wedding pictures?

Your bae is spending a great deal at the office. What do you think they're doing?

You've gotten fired from your dream job. How do you handle it?

You're on the way to a party when your spouse tells you that they want a divorce. What do you do?

Grab your things, it's time for a trip! Where are we off to?

You just found out that you're pregnant with your best friend's spouse's child. How do you handle this situation?

While exchanging your wedding vows, your soon to be spouse's ex comes in and tells them that they're pregnant with their baby. What happens next?

When you walk into a party, you see someone wearing the same outfit. What do you do?

When you wake up in the morning, how ready are you to go out into the world?

Which of these soap opera tragedies do you think you could survive?

Let's say you want to plan a romantic dinner for two. Where do you go?

Getting from here to there is usually important to the storylines of a soap. How do you get to where you need to go?

It's time for a night on the town! Where do you and your friends go?

You need to get a second job to make ends meet. Where do you work?

Which of these would you want to have in your soap opera home?

You see your crush at the end of the bar talking to your best friend. What do you do?

You've been dating someone for a few years now. What would you expect them to give you for your birthday?

After experiencing a chandelier falling on your head, your doctor miraculously brings you back to the land of the living. Have you ever had any near-death experiences?

You just found out that you were a twin! Are you the good twin or the bad one?

You just have gotten out of prison after being cleared of a crime you didn't commit. How do you celebrate?

Many soaps have children who go after their parents for one reason or another. Do we need to worry about that with you?

You've just been caught in bed with someone who isn't your significant other. How do you react?

How many times have you hidden in a closet to spy on someone else?

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