Which Smurf Are You?

Jody Mabry

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About This Quiz

It's not a secret that you always fancied yourself a bit of a Smurf when it comes to life. Whether you skip through life humming a theme song or you give everyone exploding cakes on their birthday, you always try to keep life real Smurfing real. So, which Smurf are you? Take this quiz to Smurfing find out!

What is your favorite part of the forest?

Which vegetable would you like living in?

How do you entertain yourself when alone?

What is the coolest birthday gift?

Why are you so Smurfing happy?

Do you think you could go through life tossing the word "Smurfy" into all of your sentences.

What do you enjoy most about Smurfs?

Do you hum your own theme song?

A good joke always starts with...

What is your best attribute?

Who is the most annoying Smurf?

Which Smurf is most likely to have your back?

Which Smurf will absolutely not have your back?

Who is the coolest Smurf?

How many hours a day do you sleep?

Do you have a cheerful disposition?

When should you use the word "Smurfy?"

How old were you when you watched the original "Smurfs?"

Why do you love Smurfs?

Do you still like watching "The Smurfs?"

How do you wake up in the morning?

Why do you suppose the Smurfs are blue?

Are you a people person?

What is your favorite Smurfy treat?

How do you contribute to Smurf society?

What is your favorite meal?

What is your favorite holiday to feel grumpy?

How do you sleep?

What is your first drink in the morning?

Who is the best Smurf villain?

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