Which "Shrek" Character are You?

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DreamWorks Animation's "Shrek" tells the hilarious and heartwarming tale of an ogre who wants nothing more than to live in peace, but is forced to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, he falls in love and makes magical friends. Which character are you like the most?

Who's your favorite character on "Shrek?"

Which vegetable would you use to describe yourself to others?

Where are you from originally?

Are you likable?

How would a stranger describe you?

What's your worst trait?

If you could choose a sidekick, who would it be?

Do you think Donkey is annoying?

Who's worse: the King or the Fairy Godmother?

Who's your favorite supporting character?

Which song make you want to dance?

Are you comfortable with being vulnerable?

What's your favorite color?

Would you follow your best friend anywhere?

Do your friends' parents usually like you?

Would you like to be King or Queen of a magical land?

What's your happily ever after?

You're told there's a "Damsel in distress," what do you do?

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Are you squeamish?

Do you have good manners?

How's your emotional intelligence?

Are you generous?

How are your social skills?

You're sitting in the same room as your crush, what do you do?

Do you want a fairy godmother?

If you had a love potion, would you use it on someone who has already rejected you?

You're outnumbered in a fight, how do you win?

Are you good at fencing?

Would you ever fart or burp in public?

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