Which Shark Movie should You See?

By: Staff Editor
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About This Quiz

Shark movies have taken on new life since Jaws! Which shark movie should you watch to expand your oceanic horizons? Find out if it's a classic shark flick or something more outlandish!

Which ocean do you think is most fascinating?

Which fish do you think is most beautiful?

Have you ever seen a shark?

What kind of cruise would you like to take?

Which animal do you think would be the most fascinating to study?

Which Richard Dreyfuss film do you like most?

What do you like most about the film "Jaws?"

Which actor from "Deep Blue Sea" do you know the most about?

Which film decade do you think was the best?

Why do you think so many sharks are coming to shore?

Which natural disaster do you fear the most?

What is your favorite beach activity?

Which mutant animal combination do you think would be the coolest?

Which animal do you find most frightening?

Which Samuel L. Jackson film do you think is the most brilliant?

Is there anything you dislike about the beach?

If you had a pet shark, what would you name it?

What type of films do you usually watch?

What would your job at an aquarium be?

Do you feel as though sharks are vicious?

Which fish would you serve for dinner?

Would you ever get in a shark cage?

Which actress would you like to see star in a shark film?

Which animal organization are you most likely to support?

What farm animal do you think sharks would find tasty?

Which "Shark Tank" business person do you find most cunning?

Would you like to try surfing?

Which member of the "Sharknado" cast do you think is most talented?

Which "Finding Nemo" character are you most like?

What do you fear more than sharks?

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