Which scandal would rock your presidency?

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Nobody's perfect, and when you're the President of the United States, people work overtime to find your mistakes and exploit them. If you were in the nation's highest office, what would the special investigators find out about you?

What percentage of the time do you vote in state or national elections?

Ignoring current time limits, how long should a President be allowed to serve?

Why did you want to become President?

If forced to reverse one major law, which would it be?

Do you belong to a political party?

What would your Secret Service code name be?

What kind of person would you pick for your running mate?

What would you think when Saturday Night Live makes fun of you?

You can have dinner with one of these women. Who is it?

If you were running for mayor of your town, what would your main way of advertising be?

Do you have what it takes to start a nuclear war?

Of the following who was your favorite president?

What country scares you the most?

What's the most ironic thing about Donald Trump being elected?

Which person would you have liked to seen get a shot at being President?

What should Barack Obama do after leaving office?

Which is the best recent President middle name?

If you could change the American flag to only two colors, which would they be?

What would be the worst thing about being President you would complain about?

If you had a scandal, which show would you go on to explain your side of things?

How many weeks a year should a President get to go on vacation?

If you had to put all your yearly budget towards good cause as President, which of the following would it be?

Which President would you seek advice from in running the country?

Of those following, which is the least embarrassing?

Which of the following rights is the most important?

What do you think of the idea of a "liberal media?"

Should a President try to make peace with historic enemies?

If not four years, how long should it be between presidential elections?

Which will we have first?

Which of the following type of person would never be voted in for president?

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