Which Savage Predator Does Your Anger Bring Out?

Raj Chander

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At the top of every food chain is a predator, one whose tactics may seem extraordinarily brutal to a casual observer. Wolves, for example, gang up on a group of larger animals like a moose or bison and collectively pummel it to death. Or take a shark, who silently stalks its prey in the water until it can get an angle from which to land a clean, forceful bite that immediately kills its prey.

While these acts may seem savage on their face, for the animals, they are a natural part of life. A shark wouldn't be able to survive if it couldn't fiercely dismember its prey. A hawk that couldn't swoop down and snatch a small lion cub for dinner wouldn't live very long. In that light, the seemingly vicious way these animals hunt is merely a method of survival.

Humans use anger as a method of survival, as well. When we feel disrespected, slighted or embarrassed, especially by other people, it's common for us to react with anger. Some people even feel their anger will have an influence, although as we all are aware, getting angry rarely makes a situation better.

Now that we've established the connection between anger and predators of the wild, let's match you to a specific one! Answer the questions below, and we'll show you your rage spirit animal.

Everyone has their pet peeves. What's the one thing that makes you most angry?

What would the people around you say is your best trait?

We all have different bodies — what's your best physical strength?

Anger usually doesn't help a situation get better. How do you calm yourself down when mad?

What would your ideal career involve?

If you could travel to any remote part of the world, where would it be?

When you need to get yourself motivated for a big day, what music do you listen to?

Which of these people is most likely to make you angry?

We all know anger and guilt are close cousins. How do you feel after being angry?

What's the one animal power you wish you had?

What is your favorite professional sport to watch?

Many predators live in the ocean. How well do you handle yourself in water?

Which one of these exotic pets would you most want to have in your house?

Which part of animal predators do you admire the most?

Which one of these ancient warrior tribes from history is your favorite?

When you get angry at your romantic partner, what does the root cause tend to be?

How is your relationship with your parents?

If you had the opportunity to order any meal, what would you want to eat?

Which one of these animal habitats would you most want to hunt in?

Do you feel like you perform better when you are slightly angry?

Would you describe yourself as a stealthy person?

Which of these movie animal characters is your favorite?

Do you work best in groups with other people or individually?

What is your ideal activity for a normal weekend evening?

Would you say you are more inclined to be a leader or a follower?

What's your typical physical reaction when getting angry?

How good are you at keeping a secret?

What is one thing you wouldn't mind changing about yourself?

What do you usually drink to go along with your meals?

Which of these famous military leaders is your favorite?

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