Which Royal Tiara Should You Borrow From the Queen?

By: Jennifer Post
Image: Wiki Commons by TheRichic

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Being royal can't be easy. You are constantly under the scrutiny of a watchful eye and people are making note of your every move. But with hardship comes immense privilege and a lifestyle many only dream of living. Do you think Meghan Markle really thought she would be a Duchess as a young girl? No. Did she dream about it? Probably. Now it's her reality, and as a commoner, many can't imagine what that feels like. Outsiders view her life like a dream, and it may be so. Both she and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, received half of Princess Diana's personal jewelry collection. Those special moments were passed down to the princes to give to their betrothed. How sweet!

Once officially marrying into the royal family, the queen can now lend some of her jewels to the ladies as well. Things like earrings, brooches, necklaces, etc. are given to the duchesses to wear on official engagements. Maybe the most exciting thing loaned to them are the tiaras. There are some that are off limits, but those that they can choose from are exquisite, special, and jaw-dropping. Kate Middleton has her favorite, also a favorite of Diana, and Meghan Markle will soon have hers as well. But which royal tiara should you borrow from the queen? Take this quiz and find out!

Be honest, how much do you love diamonds?

Do you laugh at inappropriate humor?

What is the fanciest food you like to eat?

Do you talk to your family often?

Now we ask you to pick your favorite fictional royal character. Who do you choose?

You can vacation pretty much anywhere as a royal. Where are you going?

How do you view your fashion responsibilities?

When you need some fresh air, which activity are you participating in?

If it's an evening drink you're looking for, what are you sipping on?

What is your favorite form of charity?

Do you have any strong political stances?

Can you pick a dog breed that you want multiples of?

Which classic British dessert could you eat every night?

How do you take your tea?

Do you have a favorite British television show?

What British food is for dinner tonight?

If you could dream up the perfect summer afternoon, how would you spend it?

Which color do you look the best in?

Do you normally like to wear things in your hair?

Are you wearing a fascinator to the annual garden party?

Do you actually care about being royalty?

Which makes the best centerpiece for the table?

Is marriage a touchy subject for you?

What job would you have as a royal?

If you were given a royal title, which one would you want?

If a scandal broke that involved you, how would you handle it?

How do you prefer to get around town?

Where would be your favorite place at the palace?

Would you pose for an official portrait?

What is the absolute best part about being royalty?

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