Which Rom-Com Queen Are You?

Jody Mabry

Image: The Movie DB

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Romantic comedies have been a popular film genre since the '80s. With a peak in the '90s, they have since shown a comeback. Through it all these rom-com queens haven't missed a beat and lead the genre for future generations. Which of these rom-com queens are you?

Which is your favorite rom-com from the '90s?

Who should a rom-com queen end up with?

Where would your favorite movie take place?

What would be the setting of your romantic comedy?

What would you never eat on a romantic dinner?

Would you kiss on the first date?

Where is the worst place to be stuck?

Would you date your best friend?

Where would be a cool place to meet a potential love interest?

How would you like to meet Mr. Right?

What is your best physical feature?

How would you describe your dating life?

How may times have you been in love?

Why do most of your relationships end?

Which type of girlfriend are you?

Which rom-com career would you have?

Which is your favorite rom-com from the 2000s?

Which song should play when you meet Mr. Right?

How do you keep romance in a relationship?

Which accessory do you always wear on a first date?

What kind of guy do you fall for?

How many guys are you willing to date at the same time?

How do you know you're falling in love?

Which is your beverage of choice?

What do you consider the friend zone?

What is your typical Friday night like?

Do you make impulsive romantic decisions?

What kind of a kisser are you?

How do you usually screw up a first impression?

How do most of your New Year's Eves end?

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