Which Romantic Poet Are You?

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The Romantics were the rock stars of their day: hot, young, and talented. They wrote about love, about beauty, about the natural world that was just starting to be threatened by the arrival of the modern age, and - since they took a whole bunch - about drugs. They captured the sense of a world in flux, as the Great Powers of the day began to change the way they deal with one another at the Congress of Vienna, and the age of empires expanded across the globe. It was a disorienting time when railways broke the silence of the countryside, and millions of people moved to the cities to work in the factories that sprang up everywhere. Proto-movements that later came to be known as socialism, feminism, communism, fascism, organized labor and universal suffrage were born as the population exploded and the world grew exponentially smaller.

The pioneers of the Romantic wave were Coleridge and Wordsworth, whose lyrical ballads was the first text of their movement. Keats, Burns, Byron, Shelley, Blake and others followed them. They were radicals who were sympathetic to the working man even as his circumstances changed, and loyal to nature as it came under real threat for the first time. They dreamed of a fairer and greener world where all might share in the prosperity of their time, even as they saw it slipping away. Which of them would you be?

Did you inherit a lot of money?

Do you have what you might call an active love life?

Do you love the finer things?

How do you feel about nature?

How collaborative are you?

Are you a good dresser?

What's a social cause that you care about?

Are you a good catch?

If you couldn't be a writer, what would you be?

Are you good at parties?

Are you loyal to your boo?

How about loyal to your friends?

Do you mind offending people?

How radical are you?

How do you feel about the French Revolution?

What do you make of America?

Where would you like to live?

Have you ever overcome adversity?

What sort of house did you grow up in?

How did your family feel about your career choice?

What part of the Romantic movement most appeals to you?

Are you all poetry, or do you write other things too?

Are you a generous person?

Flowers: what are they good for?

Would you ever get actively involved in politics?

How do you feel about the Act of Union that joined England and Scotland to create the United Kingdom?

How do you feel about women's rights?

If you didn't live in the UK, where would you live?

What drugs do you like to take for fun?

What do you hope your legacy will be?

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