Which Quentin Tarantino Badass are You?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Quentin Tarantino is known for his quirky dialog, blood splattering, and vengeful badasses who will stop at nothing to finish the job they started. Which Quentin Tarantino badass are you? Take this quiz and find out.

What is a good reason to seek revenge?

At what point does revenge end?

Will you ever be at peace?

How will you seek your final revenge?

What makes someone a badass?

How would a friend describe your personlity?

What would one of your victims say about you?

Do you know how to ride a horse?

How would you get back at someone without killing the person?

What is the worst day to make you mad?

Are you close with your family?

What is your weapon of choice?

What is your clothing style?

How do you lean politically?

How do you consider yourself in relation to others?

Where would you take out your final revenge?

Do you have a partner in crime?

When people see you on the street, what do they think?

What is one accessory you always have with you?

What do you value most in friendship?

Are you an open book?

What is your hot button?

Do you think you are a badass?

Where would you get married?

What was your childhood like?

Which is your favorite Quentin Tarantino movie?

What is your favorite thing about Quentin Tarantino movies?

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

What is your favorite kind of car?

During which time period would you have liked to live?

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