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Step aside, kings! The queens of history have been rarer than their male counterparts, and they've had to fight a lot harder for the same level of recognition for their deeds. But when they do get seen, it's quite clear that queens have been every part the equals of kings, and in many cases, they've outperformed their role. 

When you have to be two steps ahead merely to avoid a knife in your back, and your entire life is defined by people refusing to believe you're capable of anything (except giving birth and then probably not even doing any parenting yourself), then you are bound to learn a few things about excelling so hard that nobody can stop you.

Some queens have been warriors in their own right, like the Celtic leader Boudicca. Others are cultural pioneers who redraw the map of their industry. Some make policy and steer their nation with an iron grip. Still more are constitutional monarchs whose role is to steady and to comfort, to represent and to heal, not to actually govern day to day. 

All of them have provided role models as female leaders who left their indelible stamp on history. Tell us about yourself, and we'll see which one you are!

How popular are you?

Do you ever let people down?

Do you mind being the only woman in the room?

Do you flip out if you don't get your way?

How discreet are you?

How kind are you?

What are you wearing?

Who is your ally?

Who is your enemy?

What's a good quality in an adviser?

What other queen do you admire?

What king is OK by you?

Do you know how to forgive?

Your country is under attack! What do you do?

There's a scandal in the palace! What do you do?

What's a great way to intimidate people?

What's a good way to forge an alliance?

How important is parenthood to you?

Do you mind if your country changes during your rule?

What would make you leave your throne?

How did you become queen?

When you pass, who will be most upset?

How do you feel about tradition?

Do you mind letting people get close to you?

Would you risk your life for what you believe in?

Do you love a controversy?

You have to fire a minister. How do you do it?

As a queen, you are naturally very wealthy. What one thing do you love to spend that money on?

What's the one thing you would never bother spend money on, even though you could?

What charity do you patronize?

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