Which Quality Do You Share With Oprah?

By: Teresa M.
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

You get a gift, and you get a gift - everyone gets a gift! Oprah Winfrey is one of our best-loved celebrities. Let's find out which of her amazing qualities you share!

Where would you and Gayle go for an evening out?

What do you think others like about you?

Why do you think people like Oprah so much?

What do you think your job was in a former life?

Which current talk show host do you like most?

Which Oprah guest do you like most?

How would your coworkers describe your laugh?

If you could start your own school, what would speciality would you teach?

How often do you volunteer?

What would you do if you saw someone shoplifting?

Which word best describes your sense of humor?

If you were to go on a talk show, why would you be there?

What charity are you most likely to support?

What would you be found doing at a birthday party?

Which word would your mom use to describe you?

What kind of movies do you like most?

What do you find most inspirational?

What kind of party would you most likely throw?

Which Jenji Kohan show do you like most?

How would you spend quiet evening at home?

Which board game have you played most?

Which word do you think is most beautiful?

How many pets do you have?

Where would you most like to vacation?

What would you do if you saw someone being treated unfairly?

Who do you turn to when you need to talk?

Would you say you are a perfectionist?

If you could make one wish for the world, what would it be?

Are you afraid of anything?

Finish this sentence: Oprah is __________________.

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