Which Property Brother are you?

Kennita L.

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Jonathan and Drew Scott have been renovating houses all over North America for years, and they look great doing it! Their brotherly banter creates some great television. Which identical twin brother would you be?

Which of these words best describes you?

Would people say that you are more down to earth or stuck up?

Are you more of a dreamer or a realist?

Which of these do you find yourself doing more?

Are you left or right brain?

At a circus, would you rather be a clown or a magician?

Would you rather be the older or younger sibling?

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

In high school, what was your favorite class?

Are you patient or a hothead?

Are you more of a city or country person?

Are you single or in a relationship?

What do you prefer in a mate?

Which of these is the most important to you?

Gluten or no gluten?

Fresh smoothies or protein shakes?

Which do you prefer?

Which TV show would you rather star on?

Who would you be in "Dumb and Dumber"?

What do you wear to bed?

When it comes to fashion, what’s more your style?

Would you rather wear a T-shirt or a vest?

When you style your hair, are you team messy or team perfection?

Who would you rather be?

Are you the innovator or the renovator?

Which renovation disaster scares you the most?

What’s more important to you in a great house?

Which other HGTV show do you like the most?

Which show with Jonathan and Drew is your favorite?

Who’s your favorite Property Brother?

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