Which Premium Cable Channel are you?

By: Joshua Laurent
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A 1992 Bruce Springsteen song predicted there would be 57 channels and nothing on. Well, Bruce, you were way, way too low! Yeah, there are hundreds of channels we don't watch, but which one are you willing to pay the most for because you feel closest to it?

Of the following, which sport do you prefer?

Of the following, which premium cable show do you prefer?

What do you look for in a premium cable channel?

Which is your favorite HBO Channel?

Do you consider Pay-Per-View to be a premium channel?

Which do you consider the most "fringe" premium channel

If you had to get a satellite service, which would it be?

What's the best thing about premium channels?

Of the following reality-heavy channels, which do you prefer?

Which channel geared at young teens do you prefer?

Which is your favorite sports network?

Which cable news network do you prefer?

Which is your favorite religious network?

Which of the following is your favorite basic cable pop culture channel?

Which is your favorite niche channel?

Which is your favorite "fringe" network

Which is your favorite network for small children?

Which is your favorite over-the-air major network?

Which is your favorite Spanish-language broadcaster?

Which is your favorite shop-at-home network?

Including all varieties of HBO, Showtime, etc., how many premium channels do you get?

How many television channels do you receive overall?

How many hours per day on average do you watch television?

Which streaming service do you use the most?

What effect do you think streaming will have on the cable network industry?

Which show would be (or would have been) better on a premium cable channel?

What is the maximum a premium channel (or package like all of the HBO channels) cost?

If all TV ceased to exist, what would you do?

Which print industry has been the hardest hit by the Internet?

Will your result make you run out and add the answer to your cable package?

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