Which Pokémon Type Are You?

Khadija Leon

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About This Quiz

Pokémon has been on television for over 20 years and we have seen all types from grass to electric to psychic. Which type would you be? Take this quiz to find out!

Which of these Pokémons is your favorite?

Where in the Pokémon universe would you be from?

Which legendary Pokémon would you like to own?

Which of these moves would you use on an opponent?

Which Pokémon series was your favorite?

Which of these Pokémon games did you play?

Which of these badges do you own?

What type would you hate to face in a duel?

How would you feel about being captured?

Your trainer tells you to run away while he is being attacked. What do you do?

Which of these trainers do you admire?

What other anime series do you watch?

How do people describe you?

What is your zodiac sign?

What is your dream job?

In your group of friends, you are…

What is your biggest weakness?

Which of these talents do you have?

What do you usually do on Saturdays?

Which of these colors do you wear most?

When is your favorite time of year?

What is your favorite time of day?

Brains, beauty, or brawn?

What is your spirit animal?

Which of these places is on your bucket list?

Where would you like to own your first home?

Which of these songs is your favorite?

Which Super Mario character are you similar to?

What type of food do you like to eat?

Which of these natural disasters are you most afraid of?

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