Which Pixar Hero Are You?

Ian Fortey

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In November of 1995, Pixar's first movie, "Toy Story" premiered, and it absolutely changed the way we looked at animated films. Sure, there had been movies made with computer animation before "Toy Story," but this was next level. There was so much more detail and vibrancy to "Toy Story." There was life to it! And with the sequel, they proved it was no fluke. 

Since they arrived on the scene, Pixar has released one amazing film after another. You can't name another studio that has a similar track record. No one has the same ability to put out so many fun, interesting movies. Their characters don't just entertain you; they make you feel something as well. Pixar seems to have the magic touch when it comes to telling stories.

With so many great movies and even more memorable characters, it can hard to pick just one that might be your favorite, that one character that qualifies as the best of the best. But have you ever wondered which one is most like you? Which Pixar hero would you be if you were in those movies? There's a way to find out! All you need to do is take the quiz and see for yourself!

Are you the responsible one in your group of friends or the out-of-control one?

Would you rather solve an unfamiliar problem yourself or find someone better qualified to do it?

Would you say that your bark is worse than your bite?

You've got an entire week's worth of free time. What are you going to do with it?

When you were in school, were you a model student, or did you have some issues here and there?

Have you ever done anything in your life that people told you was heroic?

Which one of these career paths would be most appealing to you?

You're having your absolute favorite kind of pizza in the world. There's only one slice left. You really want it, but your friend reaches for it at the same time. What now?

If you're walking a friend home late at night and there's a shortcut through a cemetery are you taking it?

Would you rather go shopping at a busy mall during the holiday season or order everything off of Amazon?

Are you a pet person? What kind of pet would you most like to have?

Do you like having a big, filling breakfast or just something quick in the morning?

Do you feel like you're getting enough sleep at night?

Would you rather go on a vacation with your whole family or by yourself?

If you're out at a club and a fight between two strangers breaks out, what are you going to do?

Would you ever take a job you really didn't like if it paid twice as much as a job you did like?

If your best friend said they needed $100 but couldn't tell you why, would you give it to them?

If you had the opportunity to learn a new language, but you needed to commit an hour a day to do it, would you?

What's the best way to travel around town if you're not able to drive for yourself?

Which of these is the ultimate sandwich?

Every month of the year corresponds to some birthstone. Do you actually like your birthstone?

Your car breaks down on the highway in the middle of the night and you realize that your phone is dead, too. How will you get help?

They can't all be sunny days. Which kind of miserable weather do you like the most?

If you knew a terrible secret that would crush your best friend, would you tell them or keep it to yourself?

What's the taste that you crave the most?

You can vacation anywhere in the world. What kind of place would be most appealing to you?

You may be a Pixar hero, but which horror villain do you like the most?

If you put your phone down right this second, how long could you go without picking it up again?

Is your bed made right now?

Who's the greatest superhero ever?

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