Which phone plan should you switch to?

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Switching phone plans is a lot like the adage, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." Whether you are a data junkie, a traveler in need of wide coverage or a generous soul who wants to toss everyone in your family on a plan, there is likely a good fit for you. The problem is finding it. Take this quiz to see which phone plan you should switch to!

How many hours a day do you spend on the phone?

How often do you text per day?

Do you primarily use data or Wi-Fi?

Which is your data-use culprit?

Do you share your phone plan with people outside your house?

In which part of the country do you live?

How do you feel about phone plan contracts?

Are you "in love" with your current phone?

How often do you upgrade your phone?

Do you look for cheaper or better?

What do you use your phone for most?

Which cell phone best matches your needs?

How do you like to pay for a brand new phone?

How long have you had your current phone?

Which do you prefer?

What should phone insurance always cover?

What has the biggest impact on what phone plan you choose?

When you have a phone plan problem, how do you prefer to fix it?

Which usually ends first for you?

How often per year do you travel out of state?

When you travel out of state, what is the purpose?

What is the biggest reason you won't switch phone plans?

Just by the name, which plan sounds most appeaking?

Which type of promotion would cause you to switch phone plans?

You go into your carrier's store because your phone won't work. What do you expect should happen?

What is your least favorite thing about your phone plan?

How would you best describe your current phone?

Which of these phone companies have you had a plan with before?

Other than your phone, what personal technology would you consider essential to your life?

How much are you willing to pay for your individual phone service each month?

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