Which Personality Trait Do You Share With Your Cat?

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Are the two of you cuddled up on the couch together or are you battling for dominance at every turn? Either way, we're sure that there's a characteristic that you both share.

How regularly do you cross your arms across your chest in an argument?

Is your cat more likely to meow or purr?

Would you consider yourself to be athletic?

Have you ever dropped your cat from an awkward position to see if they landed on their feet?

How appealing is the concept of 'Netflix and chill' to you?

How long does it take for your cat to warm up to new people?

Would you say that you're better than most people?

Does your cat think that they are better than people?

How common is it for you to get your way?

What kind of food do you feed to your cat?

Would you consider yourself to be a highly affectionate person?

From the time you sit on the couch, how long is it before your cat is cuddling up with you?

How clumsy are you?

How would you describe the body type of your cat?

How social are you?

Does your cat tend to sit above, below or at the same height as others?

Do you tend to pay the list price or do you like to haggle?

How much do you hear it from your cat if you've been away longer than normal?

How are you most likely to show that you love someone?

When was the last time your cat scratched you?

How elaborate is your cat's play area?

How does your cat react to catnip?

How likely are you to be selected as the leader of a group?

How does your cat interact with other cats?

Would you consider yourself to be a persistent person?

Is your cat spoiled?

How do you feel about dogs?

Is your cat a strong climber?

Who generally gives in first in a battle of wills, you or your cat?

How good of a hunter is your cat?

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