Which Patrick Swayze Movie Hunk Do You Swoon For?

Jody Mabry

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If you grew up in the 80s, you can probably count off a list of Patrick Swayze movies that could rank in your list of favorite movies of all time. For men, Patrick Swayze was the guy you wanted to be, and for women, he was an electrifying heartthrob. The question is, which Patrick Swayze movie hunk do you swoon for most? Take this quiz to find out.

Which decade made your favorite movies?

What decade represents your favorite movie characters?

What is your favorite Patrick Swayze decade?

What is your favorite type of guy?

How old were you when you first saw a Patrick Swayze movie?

What is your favorite Swayze entertainment?

Where would you live if you were on your own?

Describe your teen life.

What's your favorite type of car?

What nonphysical feature most attracts you to a guy?

What do you first notice in a guy?

What muscles do you love most on a guy?

What skill do you want your guy to have?

What outfit does a guy look sexiest in?

After what life-changing event would you follow your guy?

How do you stay in shape?

What subject are you most knowledgeable?

What makes you the most upset?

What makes you happy?

When would your friends come to you for help?

What is your favorite Swayze hair?

Who do you like to hang out with the most?

Who do you most admire?

Who do you least admire?

Who was your best friend growing up?

When you cry, what makes you happy?

What pet do you want?

How old do you think you will live?

How often do you brush your teeth?

What is your favorite Patrick Swayze movie?

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