Which Outlaw Would Turn Good For You?

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The outlaws before, during, and shortly after the Wild West era were known for their wicked ways, so much so that they've been cemented in history as some of the most dangerous men ever to live. But which of these bad boys would give up his naughty ways for you?

Do you like bad boys/outlaws?

When your outlaw confesses his crimes to you, which one of these would cause you to leave?

Would he be a gentleman?

In which state would he have made his territory?

How would he have prefered to travel?

In the Wild West, what weapon would your man be known to use?

If guns weren't allowed in the Wild West, what other weapon would he use?

How would he act in the face of danger?

Would he ever join an infamous Wild West gang?

How would your man have preferred to make his money back in those days?

What is your mate's view on stealing from the rich?

Do you like tattoos on your guys?

If your boo wasn't an outlaw, what western job would he have?

If he had to fight in a war, which one would it be?

If he held a rank in the military, which would it be?

Which branch of the military would he have been in?

Which of these reasons would he have been dishonorably discharged for?

The Wild West is pretty brutal. How would your babe die?

If your boo was a villain, who would he be?

What type of dress do you want your man to wear?

The man of your dreams is most likely to do which of the following?

At a party, what is your guy doing?

Do people usually like your boo?

Would your parents like him?

What should your guy do if someone else flirted with you?

What would he do if another guy grabs you?

If he were around today, what type of vehicle would he drive?

Do you think he'd survive in 2017?

How likely is it that he would sacrifice his life for yours?

If you had to rate your boo as an outlaw, how many stars out of four would you give him?

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