Which Outlaw Should Be Your Boyfriend?

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

These men are known throughout history for the different crimes and acts that they committed, but which one should you date? Which of these outlaws would have you on the run with them? Take this quiz to find out!

What kind of guy do you go for?

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

How would you describe your significant other?

Which of these qualities must your boyfriend possess?

What is his best feature?

What do you enjoy doing together?

Which of these celebrity couples are you similar to?

What would he get you for your birthday?

What color outfit would you wear on a date?

Do you want to marry him?

Do you have children?

Has your boyfriend ever been arrested?

If the police came to question you, would you tell on your boyfriend?

Would you take a bullet for your lover?

Do you assist him on his missions?

If you asked him to leave his life of crime behind, would he?

Which female outlaw would you be compared to?

Which modern villain would you compare him to?

If you had to go into hiding, where would you go?

You are put in charge of hiding the loot, where to you store it?

Which of these things do you prefer to rob?

If your man got arrested, who would you call for help?

Which of these western sayings do you like most?

Which of these cities would you move to?

How do you travel?

When he’s not out ‘working’, what does he do with his free time?

What job would he have?

Which of these movies would you watch together?

Which of these Disney sidekicks would you like by your side?

How would he die?

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