Which "Outlander" Man Is Your Soulmate?

Emily Maggrett

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Let's be honest: almost every man described in the "Outlander" novel series is attractive, as are virtually all of the actors we see on the "Outlander" television adaptation. They're rugged, they're Scottish or English, and they have accents. What's not to like? But this quiz isn't about which "Outlander" man can get it; it's about which one is right for you! 

We're going to analyze your temperament, tastes and personality in order to determine which "Outlander" laird, lord, soldier or civilian is your ideal match! Along the way, you'll have to consider how well you'd handle time travel, whether or not you could survive in a time without indoor plumbing and what you really think about the Jacobite cause (just kidding on that last one!) We'll also delve into your romantic history, ability to ride horses and tolerance for corsets. After all, the world of "Outlander" is aesthetically pleasing, but are all those layers of clothes actually comfortable?

"Outlander" author Diana Gabaldon has created an incredible world, one that is beloved by millions of readers and viewers. Are you ready to dip a toe into the rich "Outlander" universe? Stop reading "Dragonfly in Amber" for the third time and come play this quiz!


Which of these qualities do you find essential in a man?

Do you prefer men of noble lineage?

Would you rather be with a lover, a fighter or an academic?

Could you survive without indoor plumbing?

How do you look in a corset?

Which of these hair colors do you find most attractive on men?

Would you say that you're a snob?

Imagine you've traveled back in time. Like Claire, would you run around acting suspiciously modern, or would you handle things differently?

Does wool make your skin itch?

How many boyfriends and/or husbands have you had?

Which female "Outlander" character do you identify with the most?

What's the cutest accent? American, Scottish, English or French?

Thinking about the men you've dated, which quality do they all share in common?

Can you cook anything from scratch?

Are you a big fan of history?

How easily bored are you?

Who's your favorite "Outlander" couple to ship?

Would you rather date a hot and powerful man or a hot and innocent man?

Do you feel that the majority of Jamie and Claire's fights are, um, necessary?

Who's the most appealing: a hero, a villain or an anti-hero?

What's your favorite book in the "Outlander" series?

Do you think Brianna is cool?

Can you ride a horse, or are you secretly afraid of them?

Facial hair or nah?

If you were Claire, would you be able to handle doing all those wild medical procedures?

What's your best quality?

Do you actually understand what the Jacobite cause is? We're asking for a friend.

What's your favorite plaid garment?

In your opinion, what's the most annoying thing about the "Outlander" series?

If you could travel through the stones, would you?

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