Which "Originals" Vampire Are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

The very first family of vampires, known as the Originals of the Mikaelsons, have been on this earth for centuries. Each member is different in their own way and contributes in one way or the other to the family's intimidating reputation. So which one are you?

Which "Originals" creature would you rather be?

What do you think of humans?

Which member of the Mikaelson family do you relate to the most?

As an immortal being, what would be most important to you?

What’s your opinion on love?

Which vampire perk do you like the most?

But what’s the worst part about being a vampire?

What would you use your compulsion abilities for?

Is immortality all that it’s perked up to be?

In which country/town would you want to live your vampire life out in?

But where in New Orleans is the best place to stay?

Which of these places would you frequent?

Which vampire-killing item do you think is the most painful?

How do you see your friends?

For which of these reasons would you turn someone into a vampire?

Which character would you want at your side if a battle for New Orleans was afoot?

And if you had to call for backup from someone from Mystic Falls, who would it be?

Someone you know is planning to harm you. What is your plan?

One of your allies has betrayed you. What do you do?

As a vampire, what would you fear?

Which set of three words most accurately describes your personality?

For which of these reasons are people normally intimidated by you?

What’s your biggest flaw?

For which of these reasons do you usually go to parties?

If you were to leave your home, for what reason would it be?

What’s the one bad thing that just seems to keep happening to you

Who has hurt you the most in life?

What kind of person do you usually fall for?

Do you usually end up in love triangles?

As a leader, how would your followers describe you?

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