Which of Your Chakras Dominates Your Aura?

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Since the entire universe is made of energy, our bodies are no exception. Ages before modern science and technology, ancient cultures knew every individual carries a life force within them. They knew we have centers of energy moving inside of us, and these centers are known as the seven chakras. 

Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that translates to “wheel.” Why wheel? Because the life force or energy that moves inside of us is constantly spinning or rotating. This ever-spinning energy is centered at seven points in your body, from the base of your spine to the top of your head. 

The optimal state is having all of your chakras balanced, so they provide exactly the right amount of energy to each part of your body, mind and spirit. However, it requires years of practice and meditation to get all seven chakras in proper alignment. For the average person, their most active chakra dominates their aura, and this isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, when the right chakra dominates your aura the right way, it comes with numerous personality and spirituality traits. 

Do you know which chakra dominates your aura? Take this quiz to find out where the most powerful energy flow in your body is centered and how it affects your personality!

What is your best quality?

How many friends do you have?

Do you feel all laws deserve to be respected?

How easily do you lose your temper?

Are you ready to do anything to succeed?

How often do you have trouble sleeping?

How frequently do you express your creative side?

Are you clumsy?

Do you find it easy to express yourself in public?

Would you say you feel comfortable with yourself at all circumstances?

Do you often feel the need to control everything?

Would you say you have a vivid, rich imagination?

Do you know exactly where you are going in life?

Would you say you're more of a thinker or action-taker?

Do you feel comfortable taking orders from others?

Do you feel like you invest a lot in your relationships?

How often do you have trouble concentrating?

Are you comfortable at massive public gatherings?

Are you happy with your life experiences?

Do you ever feel a special connection to nature?

Do you think your friends would say you are a chill person?

How often do you meditate?

How would you describe your love life?

Do you feel comfortable being single?

Do you ever fear ending up alone?

How often do you find yourself on the verge of a burnout?

Where do you stand on physical activity? Do you work out?

Do you often struggle with keeping your finances stable?

Is it easy for you to feel other people's pain?

Would you say you are in touch with your spirituality?

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