Which of These British Sports Should You Play?

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The United Kingdom is known for its many innovations. It is the home of the locomotive, the gunship, modern constitutional democracy and, of course, queuing for an eternity. In the world of sports, Britain is no less prolific. Athletes of British origin have been a part of almost every major sport in the world, counting among their number superstars of soccer, tennis, cricket, and yes, even cycling. While not every major sport can claim to be of British origin, many can, and with such variety of British sports available, there's something for everyone.

Take for example, the caber toss. An event at many a Highland games, it is more Scottish than a deep-fried-Mars-bar-making machine that runs on Irn Bru. Cabers are essentially small telephone poles, and the caber toss is a sport in which athletes lift the caber from one end, balancing it on their hands, running, and then throwing the caber in the air. Presumably, the winner is determined by the distance traveled by the thrown tree trunk, but since we suspect no one really pays much attention to the sport, even the caber tossers don't know for sure. Badminton is a British sport you, and indeed many other people, may be more familiar with, in which people play a sort of tennis on a volleyball net with racquets that looks like fly swatters, hitting an object that is really called a shuttlecock, which is perhaps the most British thing ever.

So take this quiz and be prepared! We will match you with the British sport that's right for you!

If you saw someone drop their wallet while getting in a taxi and then drive away, what would you do?

If you were playing cards and suddenly noticed that the deck was marked, what would you do?

In which traditional British activity do you engage the most?

How do you like to play "friendly games"?

How quick are you on your feet?

How do you feel about players who take dives?

If you had to listen to one British musical act to the exclusion of all other music, forever, which would it be?

Which stereotypical British vacation is for you?

How is your hand-to-eye coordination?

Which of these tennis players do you respect the most?

Which British clothing brand do you like the most?

How do you feel about showboating in sports?

In which winter sport do you like to take part?

What is the best thing about golf?

Which of these American spectator sports do you most enjoy watching?

Which British TV show would you binge?

What is the first thing you do after welcoming a guest to your home?

How often do you feel the need to explain things to people who just don't understand?

How long can you run before losing your breath?

How do you take your tea?

What do you do after a sports game is over, and you've walked off the field?

Which British auto maker is the appropriate chariot for a gentleman?

How well can you take a hit?

How do you like your sports scandals?

What is the appropriate way to celebrate scoring a point?

Which of these is the least acceptable (but still acceptable if only just) last-minute excuse for not showing up to a dinner party?

How patient are you when it comes to the stress of experiencing a game?

To which virtue should all athletes aspire?

Which of these British foods would you be willing to try?

For whom would you give up a seat on public transportation?

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