Which of the Four Color Personalities Are You?

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Take a good look around you and you'll be greeted to a wide variety of colors in this world. From light and dark shades to shimmering colors, our vision enables us to experience the beauty of Mother Nature. But colors don't just represent the Earth, as they're also within the personalities of the people that occupy such soil. In other words, your soul is filled with a certain type of color and we're on a mission to find out which one that is!

If you're curious about the correlation between colors and personalities, we're here to help you understand this mystery a little more. Let's take the color purple for example. This type of color is quite mysterious because it is a hybrid of both light and dark hues, which might hint at several different sides to your personality. If your soul is purple, it may mean that you're more sensitive to criticism and you seek adventures like a free-spirited bird. Purple is also a sign of royalty, which may indicate that you have leadership qualities and a strong personality. But this is just one example, as there are many other colors to explore in this quiz! So if you're ready to find out what color your soul is made of, scroll down for some more colorful insight!

Would you describe your inner soul as tough and resilient or is it more soft and vulnerable?

If you were in a meeting with other coworkers, would you be the one to lead the meeting or sit in silence?

When you don't get what you want in life, do you tend to throw a tantrum or remain calm and quiet?

Would you say that you've found your purpose in life or is this something that you're still trying to find?

Do you feel enthusiastic about organizing and cleaning your home or does this sound like a dull way to spend your day?

Should life be approached in a serious manner or is it better to feel more carefree and mellow about it?

Let's say that you just lost at your favorite board game. Would you feel like a sore loser or brush it off like it's no big deal?

Are you determined enough to become a big success in life or is the idea of success a little overrated?

Have you ever persuaded someone to get what you want in life or is this something that you would never do?

Would you describe yourself as a family-oriented person or are you more of a lone wolf in life?

You've got the day off tomorrow! Would it be more fun to sleep all day on your day off or catch up on errands and work?

Do you feel cautious about trusting other people or do you believe that all people have good intentions?

Some people have an ice cold personality while others have a fiery spirit. Where do you stand between these two personality aspects?

If your personality was like a type of Starburst flavor, which one would it be similar to?

Your personality may be similar to many different celebrities in this world. Which of these celebrities could be your personality twin?

Do you like to hide in the shadows like Batman or are you more outgoing with people like Superman?

Believe it or not, you may be just like a vegetable! In other words, is your personality layered like an onion or is it more bitter like kale?

It's time to embark on a new type of adventure, but first, we need to find out what % adventurous you are!

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how would you rank your time management skills?

Today is your lucky day since you just found a $20 bill underneath your bed. Would you save it, spend it or invest it?

Can you really achieve anything in life or are some things just too impossible to obtain?

Everybody has a certain type of humor, but is yours more dry and sarcastic or silly and fun?

Many people flip a coin when it comes to making decisions. When you flip a coin, do you tend to choose heads or tails?

Somebody just offered you 15 minutes of fame for $1,000. Is this an offer that you will accept or refuse?

The ability to live forever may sound like a blessing, but is it really a curse in disguise?

When it comes to solving problems in life, do you approach such problems in a logical or creative manner?

Your friend wants to come over to your house to make some arts and crafts with you! How do you feel about this?

Reading can be a fun way to increase your knowledge! Which of the following classic novels would you love to read in your spare time?

Here's a hard decision for you. Would you be able to sit in an empty room with your worst enemy for 24 hours for $500?

Clouds make look like animals sometimes! What types of animals do you tend to see when you look up at the sky?

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