Which of the 5 Types of Bosses Could You Be?

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Every boss has their own awesome personality. 

Some are big and bold, the visionary types who are super excited about the big picture and can't wait to involve you in all of their cool ideas. Others have a soft spot for their employees and are truly invested in their happiness. These bosses will hold pizza parties, dry tears and bend over backward to make sure that their employees are totally happy.

Some bosses want to see results, period. These Type A leaders don't care how the watch is made; they just want to know what time it is. Others not only want to know how the watch was made but where the material was sourced. These bosses get down and dirty in the details, and you can bet that they can do the job of any of their employees with their eyes closed. Some bosses are always on the clock. These are the folks who wake up in the middle of the night to check their email and are coming up with department-wide initiatives at 9 pm on a Friday night. They need work and purpose like oxygen!

You would be hard-pressed to find a boss anywhere that didn't fall into one of these five types at heart. Which one are you deep down? 

It's 9 am and nobody has arrived for your Monday morning staff meeting. How do you react?

Your Monday morning kick-off meeting has started, but your team are all making small talk about their weekends. What's your move?

One of your employees asks if she can make a coffee run for the department, but that would eat up 20 minutes of her morning. Do you let her?

You hear a disturbing bit of gossip that one of your star employees is thinking of leaving. What do you do?

One of your flakier employees asks you to leave work early and offers a totally implausible excuse. How do you respond?

The company has finally sprung for an assistant for your department. What is the most desirable work attribute in a candidate?

You want to get your employees gifts for a job well done. What do you give them?

Two of your employees are dating. According to the Employee Handbook, this is a big no-no. What's your move?

It's time for a department-wide lunch. What's on the menu?

Uh-oh. One of your employees is the department bully, but they are also your best revenue generator. What do you do?

What do you consider your best leadership quality to be?

There seems to be a flu epidemic hitting your office and everyone is coming down sick, including you. How do you handle it?

Important clients are coming in to visit. How do you prepare?

As a boss, is it ever okay to play favorites?

What is your philosophy on your employees taking a few minutes out of the day to check their personal email or social media channels?

All employees have their quirks and faults. Which negative quality is a deal-breaker for you?

Do you require your employees to sign in and out of the office?

You are butting heads with someone from a different department who is your equal. How do you handle it?

What is the best way for you to motivate your employees to do a good job?

A valuable client complains about one of your employees. How do you handle the situation?

One of your employees calls in sick, but you see pictures of them at the beach on Facebook. What do you do?

Which famous television boss is totally you?

You had to call a super early breakfast meeting and your team is not pleased. That's okay, because you know how to make it up to them! What do you do?

If your leadership style was personified as an animal, which animal would it be?

You get called into HR on the accusation of bullying one of your employees. How do you respond?

Check out the movie bosses listed here. Which one is the absolute worst?

When it comes to your friend group, which title best defines your role?

What is your philosophy on mental health days?

Your employees team up to get you a gift, and it's just what you have always wanted. What is it?

Finally, what kind of boss do you think you would really turn out to be?

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