Which of the 4 Types of Single People Could You Be?

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Even the strangest among us deserves the opportunity to find love.

Sid Vicious had Nancy Spungen, someone who earned the nickname "Nauseating Nancy" by matching her lover's strange antics. Cleopatra and Mark Antony had their own ill-fated royal affair, a high-profile relationship between leaders of two of the world's most powerful nations. Some relationships are maintained more for mutual benefit and pragmatism than love, as is rumored to be the case for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

But even the most passionate, intense couples and lovers throughout history and popular culture have one thing in common with the rest of us: at some point, they were single. Few couples, especially in the modern era of dating apps and online matching, know early in life that they are destined to be together forever. 

Before meeting their soulmate, everyone goes through a period - sometimes a painfully long period - of being single. The questions are, how will they handle their singlehood, and are they happy being single? And during that time, what kind of person will they be? 

We've found that it's pretty easy to group most single people into a few common categories. Just answer the questions in this quiz, and we'll let you know what kind of single person you are!

How many serious relationships have you been in?

What's the perfect date with your partner?

What do you find most annoying in a significant other?

Which of these cliché romantic gifts would you actually like to receive?

You're at a social event — what's your conversation style?

What kind of relationship did your parents have when you were growing up?

What attracts you most in a significant other?

What's your favorite pre-date activity with your significant other?

What song do you play to set a romantic mood?

You and your significant other want to cook together — what are you making?

What's your most attractive feature?

What is (or would be) the biggest thing stopping you from finding a relationship?

Which type of restaurant would you and your significant other visit on date night?

How do you feel about having kids?

What kind of pet would you and your partner have?

Where do you think is the best place for you to find a partner?

Which trait of yours do you think your (future or current) romantic partner finds most annoying?

It's movie night! What are you and bae watching?

What do you prefer to wear while you're around your significant other?

Who's your favorite musical artist?

How long do you think you'll date your significant other before getting married?

What's your favorite romance movie?

How do you flirt?

What's your favorite book?

If you plan on getting married, how do you want to get engaged?

How do you handle a breakup?

Have you ever been to therapy?

How often should you talk to the person you are in a relationship with?

What do you think of pick-up lines?

What would you write in a greeting card to your significant other?

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