Which of the 4 Types of Kissers Could You Be?

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Kissing is kind of funny when you think about it. For non-verbal communication, it can be loaded with meaning both intentional and otherwise. You could kiss your grandma on the cheek or have a passionate kiss with someone you're in love with. In some countries, you'll get a kiss hello from a total stranger, and if movies are to be believed, you might get an ominous kiss from a dangerous person if you've crossed the wrong people.

When you're with someone and feeling a little amorous, kissing can go a long way towards sending a message. A great kisser can inflame those passions between the two of you and confirm you definitely met the right person. But a terrible kisser could throw your whole night off or make you wish you had some breath mints handy. 

A lot is going on with just a simple meeting of the lips. Knowing as you do how important it is to put your best lip forward, have you ever stopped to wonder what people are thinking about you when they lock lips with you? What's your kissing game like? Are you bringing everything to the table or are you leaving people feeling like they just encountered a dead fish? Better take the quiz and find out what sort of kisser you are!

How do you feel the moment before you move in for that first kiss with someone you've never kissed before?

What happens if you're not 100% sure about how fresh your breath is and you know a kiss is incoming?

Have dry, chapped lips ever ruined a kiss for you?

So are you a fan of giving your tongue a workout during a kiss?

When it comes to French kissing, how much tongue are we talking about anyway?

Have you ever been inspired to bite someone's lower lip in the middle of a kiss?

Do you feel the need to pre-moisten your lips with a quick lick before kissing?

If the lips aren't an option, where else on the face are you kissing someone?

What's your favorite spot to kiss someone in a sexy time sort of way?

Do you ever make a noise when you're kissing someone?

How long after you meet someone that you find really attractive do you wait before going in for a kiss?

Some people are really down with PDA. Do you kiss in public?

What can your partner do that will utterly ruin a kiss for you?

How would describe the way your lips look?

Should your face ever be wet when you're done kissing?

Do you ever pull away from a kiss to say something before diving right back in before they can respond?

What are you doing with your hands when you're mid-kiss?

Has anyone ever criticized your kissing technique before?

When you're having an intimate moment with someone, how would you rank kissing in terms of how important it is to the mood?

Do you get enough kissing in your daily life?

When you're in a relationship, is kissing someone other than your partner cool or not?

What's the weirdest thing a partner could do during a kiss?

If you sense a kiss is incoming and you are not down for it, what do you do?

If you had to put a number on it, how many people would you say you've kissed in your life, in a romantic sort of way?

Have you ever kissed someone before you knew what their name was?

How well do you remember your first kiss?

Have you ever kissed someone in a game of Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare?

Have you had to try to correct someone's kissing technique?

How much time are you willing to devote to kissing if you're having a passionate evening with someone?

If you couldn't kiss, what else would you do to show your affection?

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