Which NFL Hottie Would Be Your Husband?

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Most enthusiasts like football for the action on the field: huge hits, acrobatic catches, and tight games that come down to the wire. But there is a certain segment of fan that appreciates NFL action for the players making it happen. And boy, are they making a lot happen. 

It doesn't matter what kind of man you're into—there's a type for you in the league. Maybe you prefer the fun-loving bad boy who always toes the line, like Odell Beckham, Jr., or the blue-collar, aw-shucks charm of guys like J. J. Watt. No matter who you end up marrying, you're almost guaranteed to get a hubby with deep pockets and a chiseled physique - after all, NFL players have to keep their bodies in tip-top shape to stay competitive in the league. And sure, they'll spend a lot of time on the road, but at least you'll have a really nice house to be alone in.

The question is, which of football's stars is destined to snag your heart like a deep pass from Brett Favre? It depends on your personality, preferences, and taste in guys. Complete these questions and we'll let you know which of these NFL titans will end up playing the star role in your own personal love story. 

What's the most attractive trait in a guy?

How much does an NFL player's play on the field impact his attractiveness?

What kind of car does your dream husband drive?

Which skill on the field do you find most attractive?

Where is your dream husband from?

Where are you and your NFL husband going for date night?

What's your ideal romantic gift from your husband?

How many relationships have you been in?

How will you guys handle it when you disagree with your NFL husband?

Which physical feature is most attractive?

How would you deal with the fame of being an NFL player's mate?

Which NFL team is your favorite?

Which colors look best on you?

How would you handle someone else flirting with your NFL husband?

Would you want to be on TV during your husband's games?

How do you feel about family?

How will you and your NFL husband relax?

Where do you think you would meet your NFL husband?

Where would you marry your NFL husband?

How important is money in your relationship with your NFL husband?

How many kids will you and your NFL husband have?

How long after dating do you want to wait to marry your NFL husband?

Where will you and your NFL husband get engaged?

What kind of restaurant are you and your NFL husband eating at?

What meal would you cook for a gathering of NFL players at your house?

Where will you and your NFL husband have a summer vacation home?

How would you handle criticism of your husband's play on the field?

What's your NFL husband's fashion style?

How would you react if your husband got traded mid-season to a completely different city?

What are you and your husband drinking to celebrate a big win?

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