Which Netflix sci-fi series should you watch?

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Netflix's science fiction section offers a diverse variety of original shows. From dystopian themes to alternate dimensions, there's a Netflix series for every sci-fi fan. Which one should you watch? Answer these questions to find out!

Which sounds more interesting?

What is your favorite sci-fi subgenre?

Have you seen the Netflix original webseries, "The OA"?

Do you enjoy psychological thrillers?

Who would you rather watch?

In what way has technology impacted humanity?

Do you believe in any government conspiracy theories?

Are you spiritual?

Which is more important?

Do you believe in an afterlife?

How do you feel about dystopian themes?

Have you watched any of "Stranger Things"?

Do you ever feel like humanity is just a few bad decisions away from completely crumbling?

Is it important for a show's cast to be diverse?

Do you enjoy a bit of comedy in your sci-fi shows?

How do you feel about shows that incorporate alternative dimensions and parallel universes into the plot?

Is technology easily corrupted?

How many seasons are you hoping for?

Does a good sci-fi show need a hero or protagonist?

It isn't sci-fi without what?

Have you seen any of the Netflix original webseries, "Sense8"?

You just finished an episode. Ideally, how are you feeling?

Have you ever had an N.D.E. (Near Death Experience)?

Are you sensitive to graphic content?

Which is cooler?

Have you watched any of "Black Mirror"?

You'd like to watch a sci-fi series that takes place where?

Are you interested in shows that explore the cosmos and meaning of life?

Do you care more about character development and plot or the science and technology aspects?

Ideally, the show would follow the stories of how many different main characters?

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