Which NBA Player Is Your Soulmate?

Steven Miller

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We can already assume, just by the fact that you chose to take this quiz that your soulmate is a phenomenal athlete who has risen to the top of their profession in the game of basketball. Now that we've narrowed things down that far, we're going to need to do a little more exploration to figure out which personality would be the perfect match for you. We sure hope you like to travel and that you're prepared to live your life in the public spotlight. Things are sure to change drastically once you two lovebirds find each other.

Are you drawn to the finer things in life? Do you consider the label of "diva" to be a badge of honor? Does the description of high-maintenance fit you perfectly well? If so, we've got one of the greatest players to ever suit up on the hardwood that should be a great fit for you. I hear Cleveland is nice this time of year, but you never know if King James might take his talents to South Beach again.

Maybe you feel a greater pull in the direction of the type of player who is considered a kind guy by everyone around him. At the same time, perhaps you want someone who will fiercely stand up for themselves and their loved ones. If that sounds about right, we're leaning in the direction of the initials KD for your soulmate.

The shot clock is winding down. Time to make your move.

Are you drawn to the finer things in life?

Which city would you rather spend time in?

Which snack are you most likely to get at a basketball game?

Which personality on TNT's "Inside the NBA" do you enjoy the most?

Do you enjoy traveling?

Are you okay with your soulmate being high-maintenance?

How well would you handle the media being involved in your life?

Of the following, which college basketball program do you like the most?

How laid-back are you?

Which position in basketball do you feel most drawn to?

How would you want your soulmate to deal with someone disrespecting you?

Do you feel attracted to nice guys?

Do you want someone who is more serious or a bit of a comedian?

How many brackets do you fill out for March Madness this year?

Which coach would you rather play for?

Which Hall of Fame basketball player do you like the most?

Which overseas vacation destination would you most like to visit?

Would you rather have wisdom or enthusiasm as a prime characteristic in your soulmate?

Of the following, which NBA team do you dislike the most?

Which scoring move best matches the vibe of your ideal soulmate?

Where would you rather watch the game from?

At what point in the season do you start watching NBA games on a regular basis?

Did you ever play organized basketball?

How would you rate your dribbling skills?

In an argument, would you rather find compromise or be right?

Would you rather be paired up with a rookie or a veteran of the league?

Which movie about basketball would you most want to watch?

Are you more East or West Coast?

Which description best matches your soulmate's fashion style?

Besides basketball, which other sport do you like the most?

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