Which Mythological Sea Creature Are You?

Jody Mabry

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About This Quiz

Sailors would tell tall-tales of mythological sea creatures to explain what they didn't know. Which one of these mysterious creatures of the sea best fits your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Have you ever been sea sick?

What body of water are you not comfortable in?

Are you good at spinning yarns?

Have you ever seen something strange at sea?

Do you believe that ancient myths are based on fact?

Which sea creature would be most terrifying?

If thrown overboard in a storm, would you survive?

What is your biggest fear on the open ocean?

Can you sing?

Are you attracted to mermaids?

Do you think you would be lured by the sound of a Siren?

An eight-headed hydra attacks. What do you do?

What shipping age would you have enjoyed living in?

Which 18th-century sailing profession would you have enjoyed?

You're going on a cruise and someone says, "Watch out for the Kraken!" What do you say?

How do you handle conflict?

What is your relationship style?

How do you kiss?

What is your favorite sea-related film?

Which real sea creature would terrify you?

What kind of cruise would you enjoy?

Where would you like to go on a cruise to?

Who are you at the office?

What kind of music do think should be played at your dramatic ending? Yes, when you die.

How do you shake hands?

What do you drink to keep you awake?

What kind of a boat would you like to be captain of?

What do you love about the sea?

Your ship is sinking and there is only one life boat that isn't enough for all the people. What do you do?

What do people say is your most charming personality trait?

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