Which Mystical Animal Is Secretly Your Best Friend?

Marie Hullett

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Humans are disappointing. Let's face it; dogs are a human's best friend for a reason. They'll always look happy to see you and they'll never spread rumors about you behind your back. So, instead of looking for friendship in class or at work, why not look to the animal realm? Better yet, why don't you enter the mystical animal realm of unicorns, dragons and griffins? 

It might sound crazy but almost everyone has a mystical animal BFF just waiting to be discovered. This magical creature can offer invaluable advice and dry your tears; it will help you pick out your outfit and will be honest with you when you desperately need a wake-up call. Mystical animals BFFs will never turn their back on you and will be quick to leap to your defense. And since they're basically all-powerful, it will only take one flip of unicorn hair or flap of griffin wing for everyone to back off right away. What more could you ask for? 

To find out what majestic creature wants to be your pal for life, answer the following 30 questions. Afterward, all you need to do is open your heart and your special friend will come to you. Then you can have a slumber party! 

Which element speaks to your soul?

It's time to queue up some Netflix. What do you want on your popcorn?

Which of these shows would you rather watch?

Which '90s toy is your favorite? (Fun fact: these were all discontinued due to safety concerns, so if you play with them, you're a rebel.)

What would you do if your friend slipped and fell (hard, but not too hard)?

It's Friday night. What do you want to do with your BFF?

Would you go on a date with Adam Driver?

What type of gossip is your favorite?

Which colorful food found all over Instagram do you want to eat for lunch?

Everyone has one. What's your most annoying habit? (If you think you don't have one, it's just that no one has told you what it is yet.)

Who's your favorite AI being?

Your childhood dream has come true and you're officially a rock star. What's your role in your band?

Which pop star do you want to serenade you?

What do you own the most of?

Which Disney dad would you most want to adopt you?

It's time to play a favorite childhood game. Do you pick truth or dare?

Pick an emoji to add to your new BFF's name in your phone.

Your friend is having a bad day and needs some support. What type of advice are you best at giving?

Which app can you live without?

With which Canadian do you most want to be friends?

It's a breezy spring day. When you open your closet, which jacket will you put on?

What kind of friendship are you looking for?

Between all of life's obligations, you're feeling pretty stressed. Which resource do you want to use to help you calm down?

You have to legally change your name to one of these four choices. What will you choose?

Lotto ticket time! What's your lucky number?

Which celebrity BFF duo are you and your secret best friend?

You're heading out for ice cream! Which scoop will you choose?

What do you want most out of life?

Which top meme theme of 2018 speaks to your soul?

Which "Stars Wars" character are you?

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