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The type of vehicle a driver owns says a lot about their personality, their status, what they value and more. The bond between a motorcycle and its rider, however, is more primal. With four-wheeled vehicles, driving is an activity; with a motorcycle, riding is a lifestyle, reflected in how you think and feel. Answer these 30 questions and we'll tell you what motorcycle best suits your lifestyle and attitude!

For the vast majority of people on the road, driving a car is simply a way to get from one place to another. Riding a motorcycle is an experience, and riders are constantly living in the moment ... because they have to. The margin of error is much lower on a bike than in a car, and the road itself can become dangerous in a heartbeat. This element of risk makes a rider feel alive!

And the risks come with rewards. Motorcycle riders experience joys that most drivers will never know. The feeling of freedom that can only be known on a bike. The spirit of camaraderie when passing another rider on the road. Speaking a secret language that the four-wheelers will never understand. Motorcyclists also enjoy that little glance of envy they see in the eyes of many drivers on the road.

In fact, because riding is such a personal pursuit, your preferences, outlook and reactions will tell us the perfect bike for you! Simply answer these questions about your lifestyle, your attitudes and your opinions and we'll point you in the direction of your perfect ride. Climb on, open up the throttle and let's do this! 

Do you enjoy the feel of the wind in your face?

When did you ride your first motorcycle?

You've parked your bike, and when you get back, you see a stranger on it. What's your reaction?

What's your opinion on the phrase, "Share the road"?

You're ready to ride and it starts raining. Do you still take the bike?

What's your reaction when the newest model of your favorite bike is released?

You pass another motorcyclist on the road. What do you do?

What's your riding fashion philosophy?

Which is most important to you?

Which of the following most represents your riding style?

You forgot to set the alarm clock and wake up 20 minutes late. Are you stressed?

What is your opinion of motorcycle clubs?

What's your typical posture when you ride?

What is your main reason for riding a motorcycle?

You see someone else riding the same model as your bike — what's your reaction?

What does an open road mean to you?

For me, riding is ...

What's your first thought when you hear, "Live in the moment"?

Which of these quotes resonates best for you?

What's your opinion of four-wheeled vehicles?

How does motorcycling fit into your lifestyle?

Do you fear the thought of laying your motorcycle down (crashing)?

Would you ever take your bike off-road?

What's your favorite sport?

Your four-wheeled vehicle, assuming you have one, is a(n) ...

At a stop light, another rider pulls up and wants to race. What's your reaction?

How much do you plan to carry on your motorcycle?

Do you wear a helmet?

Which of these is your favorite TV show or movie?

Is your motorcycle loud enough to bother others on the road?

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