Which Modern Disney Princess Are You, Really?

Sameena Mughal

Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Animation Studios

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Most of us grew up watching Disney movies. Classics like "The Lion King" and "Frozen" saw heavy rotation in many households. Timeless classics like "Cinderella" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" are still seen today. While we still love the quiet and demure princesses we saw in those movies, a bolder, stronger princess in emerging. Mulan, Moana and the other more contemporary princesses weren't content to watch events unfold around them. They took action and made things happen.

More and more, Disney princesses are active participants in their own lives. They aren't victims of circumstance who have to rely on others to get them out of a jam. Moana, one of the most independent Disney princesses to date, sets out on an adventure to save her people. Her mission is to help her people and find herself, not to find romance. Anna is another adventurous spirit who takes it upon herself to find her sister when she leaves the kingdom. Neither one of these princesses waits for permission to do what they feel is right.

This independent spirit is what the modern Disney princesses have in common. They go after what they want. At the same time, they care about the feelings of others and will help them. The new age Disney princess is in-control and making things happen. Answer our questions, and we'll tell you which modern Disney princess you are!

If you want to take a sea adventure, what beach do you want to land on?

If you had a choice, what animal would you change into?

Which famous gala would you attend with your prince?

Where would you want to build your snow kingdom?

Which real-life princess do you admire?

When you're not ruling your kingdom, what are you doing?

If you changed your hair color, what color would you choose?

Which of these singers has a song on your pop diva playlist?

What is your best princess quality?

Which one of these describes your personal style: quirky, classic, arty or bohemian?

If you could pick a Disney god or demigod to hang out with, who would it be?

Who are you in your friend circle?

Given a choice, what power or ability would you choose for yourself?

If you could choose a classic Disney sidekick, who would it be?

Who is another Disney Princess would you like to sing a duet with?

Where in the world would you go on an adventure?

Which designer would you choose for your coronation dress?

What's the best modern invention you never knew you needed?

Besides a girl, what's worth fighting for?

Who is the Disney magical being would you like to learn from?

Olaf dreamed of summer. Which season do you dream of?

Which of these mythical creatures would you want to be real?

Every modern princess should have what skill?

Your personal anthem would be which Disney song?

In your opinion, what magical item should every princess have?

If you could pick a fictional castle to move into, which one would it be?

What trait is most important to you in a significant other?

Where is your ideal first date location?

Who is the best Disney Prince to choose as a significant other?

Besides Disney, what movie genre is your favorite?

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