Which Modern Disney Prince Is Your One True Love?

Zoe Samuel

Image: YouTube, The Movie DB

About This Quiz

While some Disney princes are mostly just handsome and vacuous, others have fine qualities like loyalty, resourcefulness, or kindness that make them husband material (other than money and a title). Let's find you a Disney lover!

What type is your ideal love, physically?

What does he do for fun?

Who are his friends?

Does he get on with his family?

How's his temper?

Is he a good boss?

Is he funny?

What does he appreciate about you?

What does he eat?

How are his manners?

What first drew you to him?

Would he ever throw something at you?

Is he crafty?

Is he smart?

Does he play an instrument?

Would he ever lie to get something good to happen?

Does he like your family?

Is he good with his hands?

Does his rule as a prince have the support of the people?

How are his policies as a ruler?

Does he know how to party?

Not all princes are rich: how rich is this one?

Is he a responsible adult?

Does he give to charity?

Does he care about the environment?

What's he wearing?

What flaw does he have?

How's his self-esteem?

What would he do for you?

What's his taste in art like?

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