Which MLB Mascot Matches Your Personality?

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The age of the Major League Baseball mascot began with the birth of Mister Met, the New York Mets' mascot, in 1964. His design was a simple affair, consisting of a large, spherical head resembling a baseball with a face, and a body wearing a team uniform. Since the Mets lacked the history of their New York forebearers, the team felt it needed to hustle to draw fans to what was, until 1969, not a very good franchise. 

Other teams soon followed suit, so to speak. Soon, every team had a mascot, at least for a moment. The New York Yankees, famous for not having a mascot, did experiment with having one very briefly from 1979 to 1980, in the form of a bird named Dandy. It did not work out. The Yankees' ethos in the Steinbrenner era was built around the concepts of button-down, clean-shaven professionalism, and the inherent zaniness of a mascot just didn't fit in that world. Besides they would argue, they have plenty of characters who come to games, like Freddie Sez, who died a few years ago.

Other MLB teams have embraced the mascot and made their own. With a total of 30 MLB teams, some with multiple mascots, which one matches your personality? Take this quiz and find your fuzzy soulmate!

How spiritual are you?

Do you believe a team can come from behind to rally for the win?

How much do you like to conform?

Which of these foods sounds the best to you?

How many languages do you speak?

Which of these qualities do you most closely associate with your sense of identity?

What's your preferred cocktail?

What's your favorite horror movie?

How do you respond to disappointment?

What's your walkup music?

Which bygone outfielder do you admire the most?

Whats your sentiment on playing the national pastime?

Which of these styles of home sounds like a place in which you'd like to live?

How do you like your summer weather?

What time of day do you like best?

What was the best baseball movie of all time?

How do you keep your cool when you are called on a faux pas in public?

How do you react to high pressure situations at work?

How are you received by your work peers?

How do you stand out from your age cohort?

How experienced are you in your job?

How hard do you have to work to keep your boss happy?

How old were you when you took an interest in baseball?

How do you feel about fair weather fans?

What is the most unguarded, least reserved action you would take in front of other people in a social situation?

What are your colleagues like?

How seriously do you take your job?

How important are you to the identity of your workplace?

What do you do in the winter?

How do you feel about the coming season?

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