Which Military Branch Should I Join?

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Undertaking a career in the military requires a particular mindset. While we think it's noble of you to consider joining, we want to make sure that you get the most of our military experience by joining the branch that's perfect for your personality and your lifestyle. You might have a good idea which branch you want to join, but you should know for sure before you make any major life decisions.

Each branch of the military requires a specific skill set and a certain kind of attitude. Of course, the military will run a battery of tests to see what sort of job you should have, but you should increase your chances of rising through the ranks by enlisting in the branch that's best for you. Once you answer our questions, we'll know exactly which one is the right one, and you'll have a head start on an amazing career. 

Whether you are meant to lead in the Marines or command a ship in the Navy, each of your answers will make sure you are making the right call. After we know all about you, the right military operation for you will be revealed. Will you be a better sailor or a better tank commander? Let's find out!

Which of these virtues do you try to live your life by?

How would your current boss describe your work?

Are you in good physical condition?

Do you have good marksmanship skills?

Which former U.S. president do you respect the most?

Would you rather drive a tank or a Hummer?

How well would you do at basic training?

Have you taken any practice ASVAB tests?

Which military-related film do you like most?

What do you have in common with the Commander in Chief?

Can you drop and give us 20 pushups?

Which of your traits is stronger than the others?

How well would you handle being stationed overseas?

If we asked your friends, how would they describe your work ethic?

How would you start a fire without matches?

Do you prefer to be a leader or a team player?

Are you the type that makes their bed everyday?

Do you know how to polish your military-issued shoes?

Which of these famous veterans do you know most about?

How would you rate your swimming skills?

Would you rather be a member of Special Forces or the Navy Seals?

Would you enjoy training to be an astronaut?

What do you think is the best thing about the Coast Guard?

Which country would you rather be stationed in?

Which branch of the military do you think is the toughest?

Do you know the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner?"

How many years would you like to serve in the military?

Would your friends say you are patriotic?

How do you feel when you are given an order?

Which political issue concerns you the most?

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