Which Medical Drama Series Do You Belong In?

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In the world of television, years go by, even decades, but one thing remains the same — people love a good medical drama. From "Marcus Welby, M.D." to today's "The Resident," shows about health crises and caring healers (or, sometimes, not-so-caring ones) reign supreme. It's likely that you, too, have a favorite show. 

For example, who wouldn't want to be a part of the world of "Grey's Anatomy"? It's not for nothing that this series is still going strong; it's sexy, soapy and yet surprisingly gritty in terms of its medical storylines. To work with Meredith Grey and Co., you have to be OK with office romance. More than OK, really; it might be mandatory! 

Are you more the loner type? The halls of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital are the place for you! That's where Dr. Greg House made enemies, alienated patients ... and saved lives. If you're wary about office romance, or even on-the-job friendships, but you're always up for a good intellectual puzzle, well, you'd fit right in. 

These are two of the possibilities that lie ahead if you take our quiz. We've also drawn from shows earlier in TV history ... but we're not going to spoil it for you! Settle in, channel your inner physician, and try your luck now!

What would your medical specialty most likely be?

Outside the medical field, which job would appeal most to you?

Which of these 2000s TV shows did you enjoy most?

You'd be most comfortable with what in your hands?

What kind of medical setting would you like to work in?

How do you deal with a gossiping co-worker?

What kind of bodily fluid squicks you the most?

On first meeting you, people don't recognize how _______ you are.

Doctors run chronically short on sleep. How's your sleep situation?

How would you unwind after a really hard, messy day at the hospital?

How much do you worry about your appearance?

There is a large uranium leak at a nuclear plant near your hospital, but nothing you can do about it. What do you do?

To you, what's the foundation of a great day?

What's a reasonable work week in terms of hours?

How do you like your coffee?

How would patients describe your bedside manner?

A hospital runs on its stomach (well, the stomachs of its staff). How do you fuel up for the day?

Which of these is a relationship deal-breaker?

What's a good age to get married?

Which of these might you play on the operating-room sound system?

Which of these diets might you try?

What color would you like your scrubs to be?

Are you happy with your level of education?

How do you deal with infidelity in a relationship?

Which of these rather unhealthy cafeteria treats would you choose?

Which of these sometimes-troublesome patients are you most willing to treat?

What kind of mid-career education are you most likely to get?

You're feeling rebellious! Which of these forbidden parking spots do you choose?

What kind of disease or malady do you most fear getting?

In med school, you were the one people called when they needed what?

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