Which Mean Girl are you?

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"Stop trying to make fetch happen!" Queen Bee, Regina George, might not have been a fan of this word, but we are! The Plastics, made up of the queen bee and her two friends, Gretchen and Karen were the clique to beat. Would you be running the school like the queen or trying to make friends like newcomer, Cady? Let's find out which "mean girl" you are!

In 2004, Mean Girls was released in theaters and a cult classic was born. Starring Lindsay Lohan, the film followed a female teenager as she tried to infiltrate the popular clique at her high school. Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried also starred as the Mean Girls trio, the Plastics. Between Cady, Regina, Gretchen, and Karen, which of the girls are you?

If you're the Queen Bee, Regina George, you stop at no end to get what you want. You're probably just like this popular girl who isn't afraid to use a little flirtation or coercion to get her way. Or do you prefer to not rule the school, but instead look for love and acceptance from your BFF. If you like making up new words and live for always being trendy, you might be the beautiful Gretchen. Or are you like our favorite blonde, Karen? While she might seem like an airhead, she likes keeping things mellow, carefree, and laid-back. Or are you the only other option-Cady? She's intelligent and kind, just trying to find her place in life!

Are you just trying to survive high school or would you rather control the student body? How could you ever choose which Mean Girls character you are? Luckily for you, we're doing the hard work! With a few clicks, find out where you fall on the Mean Girls social ladder.

Which are you?

Which role would you occupy on a local news team?

It's movie night and you need to pick a genre. Where are you going with your selection?

Where can someone find you in the mall?

When someone offends you, you:

What award would you most likely win if they re-did your senior yearbook?

If you had to be one of these animals for a day, which would you choose?

Halloween is an excuse to:

I want to work on improving my:

What deadly sin are you most guilty of?

Which slang word would you most likely be caught using?

What are you having for lunch?

At home you're most likely to wear:

Pick a clique:

Pick a quote:

The Spring Fling is tonight, you:

Your parents have just left for the weekend, do you throw a party?

Favorite class in school?

Pick a movie

Favorite holiday?

How do you spend your Friday nights?

Which sport would you rather play during gym?

How do you stay in shape?

Favorite drink?

The last thing you Instagrammed was . . .

How do you react when you feel ganged up on?

What TV show do you love to binge watch?

Which would be closest to your dream career

Do you start trends?

Are you a bitch?

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