Which M*A*S*H Character Should Be Your Fishing Buddy?

By: Khadija Leon
Image: 20th Century Fox Television

About This Quiz

M*A*S*H was a '70s TV show based on a novel written by Richard Hooker. The series was about a group of doctors and support staff stationed in South Korea during the Korean War. Which of the many characters would you take fishing with you? Let's find out!

Which of the armed forces would you join?

Which of these military ranks would you have?

What color camouflage is your favorite?

Which of these weapons would you like to use?

Where would you like to be stationed?

What would you do on your weekend off?

Which of these snacks will you miss most while deployed?

Which of these wars would you have fought in?

What are you planning to do when you retire?

What is your favorite war movie?

What is your favorite anti-war song?

What is your favorite thing about the show?

Which character would you be friends with?

Which other 1970's show did you watch?

How would you describe yourself?

Would you say that you are a competitive person?

How would you describe your sense of humor?

Which of these pranks would you play on someone?

What is your biggest fault?

Which of these high school group did you fit into?

Do you take life seriously?

On a night out, you are…

Where would you go to on vacation?

Which of these drinks would you smuggle under your coat?

What kind of boat would you go fishing in?

What kind of hat would you wear?

What kind of bait would you use?

What kind of fish are you hoping to catch?

Where would you go fishing?

What will you do with your catch?

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