Which Male "The Walking Dead" Character Should You Date?

By: Teresa M.
Image: The Movie DB

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To truly survive the apocalypse, pairing up is necessary to save ourselves. If you were in the middle of your fight for survival on "The Walking Dead," which character should you date to make life less dismal?

Who is your favorite female "The Walking Dead" character?

Who is your favorite child "The Walking Dead" character?

Which season of "The Walking Dead" have you enjoyed most?

Which "The Walking Dead" character's death have you considered most traumatic?

What would be your weapon of choice during a Walker outbreak?

Which enemy group have you feared most?

Which group would you most like to see the gang team up with to overthrow The Saviors?

Which character do you miss the most?

Which character has made you laugh the most?

Other than Rick, who do you think leads their respective group the best?

Now that Glenn is gone, who should Maggie pair up with?

What has been your favorite walker death?

Which "The Walking Dead" character would you want to raise a child with?

Who has been your favorite "The Talking Dead" guest?

Who do you think the next character to die will be?

Which "The Walking Dead" character would you not like to have cook for you?

What is the first thing you would do when you hear of a zombie outbreak?

Where would you have liked to see the group be able to live the longest?

If it's a girl, what name do you think Maggie should give her baby?

If it's a boy, what name should Maggie name the baby?

What chore would you consider the worst in the post-apocalyptic world?

Which "The Walking Dead" actor would you most like to meet?

Which "The Walking Dead"' actor fakes their accent the best?

Who do you think handles their weapon the best?

How did you feel when Deanna died?

How do you watch "The Walking Dead?"

How do you think Rick should deal with Negan?

What character do you hate to see cry?

What do you think is next for the group?

What survival skill do you find most important?

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